UV-Led integrated printer/cutter


The Only 64-inch UV Printer Offering In-line Cutting Capability And Featuring White Ink For Four-layer Printing. The Mimaki UCJV300-160 cut-and-print device provides more than a simple print and cut experience: it goes beyond extraordinary to deliver an awe-inspiring range of applications and versatility. The UCJV300-160 model is the only 64-inch UV printer offering in-line cutting capability, and featuring white ink to enable four-layer printing. Create stunning transitional backlit panels that 'change' color schemes with the light source. Print and cut – or cut first then print – labels, decals, window clings, vehicle markings, etc., all on one unit. Flexible UV cure inks expand the possibilities for you to offer unique capabilities to keep you competitive.



300dpi, 600dpi, 900dpi, 1200dpi

Maximum Print Width

63.38 inches (1610 mm)

Maximum Print Speed

Up to 277.7 SqFt/Hr (25.8 SqM/Hr)

Power Supply

AC100V~240V x2


414 lbs. (188 kg)


114.12" x 30.5" x 58.1" (3305 mm x 750 mm x 1180 mm)


Mimaki LUS-170/LUS-175 UV ink: C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm & W

mimaki ucjv300-160

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Highlights of the UCJV300-160 Cut-and-Print Device

The combined solutions of the 4 layers print and the inside lighting of graphic will present the amazing image-change named [Day & Night Printing] when the printed media is lighted from the back. It is a particular sign method with an appeared image switching between daytime and nighttime, double face print of front and reverse image by multi layers print. They will contribute to receive a high value-added job to your business, because such advantageous methods have been difficult.

[Day & Night Printing] : 4 layers print configuration imageMimaki UCJV300 Series UV Printer
[Day & Night Printing] : 4 layers Sign applying imageMimaki UCJV300 Series UV Printer


Mimaki UCJV300 Series UV PrinterUtilizing the plug-in tool of Adobe illustrator, [RasterLink Tools] of newly upgraded [RasterLink6Plus] enables to confirm the final image of 4 layers print on the PC monitor of Illustrator operation. As the view while backlight ON & OFF is shown before print at the monitor (*), it saves a retry of print to reduce media losses. * Preview does not completely show the same with the practical image while backlight ON & OFF.

1) Quick access to next processing and sign applying due to UV ink property

With the UV ink property of immediate curing upon UV light irradiation, no drying time is required. The post-processing and sign applying are possible instantly, improving the productivity and receiving an order of short delivery time.

Mimaki UCJV300 Series UV Printer


2) Wider application range with UV print

-1- Vibrant print with eye-catching
According to the higher color density of UV than solvent, UV print can create a more vivid color expression. The color brightness of UV is the key to add value to created signs.

Comparison of UV and solvent printer (image)Mimaki UCJV300 Series UV PrinterUCJV300/150 can create more vivid expression with a higher color density. High color density print is not easy by solvent as the property of taking time of drying for ink bleeding.


-2- Possible to print wider range of materials for broadening applications

Banners and flags (fabric)Mimaki UCJV300 Series UV PrinterUV ink is good to print fabric as no bleeding because of the quick ink curing upon UV irradiation.
Shoji (sliding paper door---Japanese paper)Mimaki UCJV300 Series UV PrinterPaper print such as Japanese paper is also available. Shoji, fan and poster in paper should be fine to print.
Letter printing to wall paper (patterned wall paper)Mimaki UCJV300 Series UV PrinterUtilizing white ink enhances the good opacity to print letters and illustration on patterned or deep colored wall papers.
Swing P.O.P. (PET film)Mimaki UCJV300 Series UV PrinterAvailable to print PET film, too. Making both promotional goods and sign boards is an attractive proposal to your clients.
Stickers (Colored media)Mimaki UCJV300 Series UV PrinterWhite ink is effective to print on color media.

Mimaki UCJV300 Series UV PrinterThe integrated cut functionality enables volume production of labels, decals, window clings, floor graphics, POP displays, vehicle markings, packaging and prototypes, and more in a single unit. Additionally, the ability to pre-cut before printing prevents common problems such as film separation and other issues related to post-cutting on thin materials.



Clear ink added! New!

Mimaki UCJV300 Series UV PrinterVisibility of indoor poster is enhanced.
Glossy printing can give the finish of high-quality feeling with the effect of freshness and sizzling of food. In comparison to a standard poster, a poster wth glossy printing can get higher visibility.





Mimaki UCJV300 Series UV PrinterTexture expression
Printing the clear texture on the color print can create the expressive design to get one that cannot help touching it at a glance. UCJV300 Series are suitable for an easy operation of Print & Cut to create a POP having the texture expression by clear ink on the color print.




Mimaki UCJV300 Series UV PrinterClear print on the transparent film
Matte finish printing on the transparent film can create the window display like frosted glass using an irregular reflection of light by the printed clear ink on the film surface. The new graphic expression with the UV clear ink can extend widely the business possibilities.

1) Print & Cut is available by one unit printer

Mimaki UCJV300 Series UV PrinterHaving high function and high performance cutting, [UCJV300/150-160] is possible to make labels and stickers by one unit. Several productive cutting functions are prepared to [UCJV300/150-160], which are selectable to suit your job:

[Continuous registration mark detection] for consecutive cutting,
[Over Cut / Corner Cut] for cutting sharply on preventing an occurrence of uncut,
[Intermediate Cut] for a correct cut of long outline by multiple corrections of position with intermediate registration marks,
[Register mark of Zero margin]for saving media losses to eliminate the margin between register marks.
And more.

2) A newly equipped function [ID Cut]: Quicker and easier operation

[ID Cut] is a function to print together crop mark and ID for recognition of cutting details and media rotation of job and then cut data of every print data is readable to start the cut automatically. It saves the labor of confirmation of media direction and no need to have every cut order by operator on the RIP, even in a case of multiple types of small lot cut. It reduces media loss by data transmission error.

ID Cut function (image)Mimaki UCJV300 Series UV Printer

Mimaki UCJV300 Series UV Printer[RasterLink6Plus] is developed for new functions of the preview confirmation of 4 layers print (*) and [ID Cut] of [UCJV300/150]. Those functions can reduce the number of working process to contribute to improve the work efficiency of customers. Furthermore [RasterLink6Plus] is upgraded to support the version 1.5 or above of PDF data with the further reinforcement of RIP processing functions of [RasterLink6]. An image of PDF data including transparent effect is able to print faithfully as the original. * The 4 layers print is available by UCJV300 only as the white ink is mountable.


mimaki ucjv300
mimaki ucjv300
mimaki ucjv300

Watch how it works

We offer only the best machines that cater to your specific requirements, but don't just take our word for it, we want you to see the machine in action! Watch this short feature clip of this machine.

If you feel that this may be the perfect machine for your needs, our team will be more than happy to schedule an actual demo for you


Mimaki UCJV300-160 Roll to Roll UV Printer, Print and Cut, Day and Night, 4-Layer Printing

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