We distribute machines of known big name companies in the world. EXCLUSIVELY.
We carry products ranging from industrial grade printers to desktop cutters to advertising systems.

Our Exceptional Line-up

As the Exclusive Distributor of MIMAKI, OKI, DGI, Golden Laser, Silhouette and HANTER, we proudly offer the the widest range of technologically advanced machines to suit your requirement. Our company provides the leading brands in cutting edge tools and solutions for billboards, signs and graphics, t-shirt printing, wood and metal moldings, interior design and architecture and other graphic and visuals related industries.

We offer a variety of Wide-format inkjet printers, Cutting Plotters, Tarpaulin printers, Sticker printers, Laser cutting machine, CNC router, Dye-Sublimation printer, Post-print machines, Heatpress and Direct to media UV and UV Flatber Printes. Browse through our products and contact us. Our Sales Team will be more than happy to help you in selecting the best options for your specific requirement.

big pix graphic systems, inc

Industrial Printers

Machines that provide you with excellent quality of outputs in a fast paced environment.They are specifically manufactured to meet the demands of high volume requests of your clients and dealers.

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big pix graphic systems, inc

Textile & Apparel

Machines that mainly caters, but not limited, to the fashion and sportswear sector. Can also be for eco-friendly soft signage and interior designs. Using the dye sublimation process, these machines provides you with versatility to print whatever you imagine.

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big pix graphic systems, inc

Industrial Cutters

Best cutting tool for thin sheet metal cutting and laser cutting engraving machine adopt DSP digital controlling technology,self-design laser power supply,incorporate designed frame and structure to guarantee stable work

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big pix graphic systems, inc

Signs & Graphics

Classic roll to roll printers for the constant presence of your advertisements. The sign and graphics machines provide you with a variety of media choices depending on your market needs.

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big pix graphic systems, inc

Digital Printers

OKI digital printers and post finishing equipment to enable budding entrepreneurs to produce high quality output with LOW start up cost.

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big pix graphic systems, inc

Dealer's Corner

On demand machines that require a minimum number of purchase. Perfectly suitable for people with an entrepreneurial mindset.

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big pix graphic systems, inc

Post-Print Digital Machineries

Customize your printed media with these machines. Compatible with a variety of medias, which guarantees the satisfaction of your clients.

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big pix graphic systems, inc

Label Printers

A variety of colorful digital label printers for small batch of printing to industrial with laminating and cutting capabilities that produces high quality labels.

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big pix graphic systems, inc

System Display Exhibitors Materials

Exhibitor Stands, Digital Display in Motion, Promotion Display, System Structure

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big pix graphic systems, inc

3D Printer

A world leading 3D printer for your desk. HEPA filter to remove air-born contaminants | Filament Sensor – Automatically pauses when out of filament | Power Outage – Resume mid-print | Industrial design with internal steel chassis | Impressive HD 100 micron 3D print resolution | Fully automatic platform leveling and height sense | Improved 3D printing speed – 30% faster than a UP

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OKI Digital LED Printer
Golden Laser
Stahls Hotronix
Roll X
Mefu Laminator
SAGA Label Cutter

Our Clients


At BIG PIX, our firm clients include those in the Industrial, ATL (Above the Line) and BTL (Below the Line) Advertising Enterprises. We also work closely with the Architects, Entrepreneurs and Designers of different fields such as Graphic, Fashion and Interior. We provide our clients with high quality and competitive products to meet the needs of each player in the industry.

Our commitment goes beyond mere business relationships and transcends into long-lasting partnerships with our clients. It is our aim to bring better cost and operational efficiency to each and every client. A testament to this is the solid relationships we continue to cultivate with clients who have been with us for the two decades of our existence.

Bigpix Graphic Systems, Inc